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Hi there.

I’m a writer of personal essays about being a father, a son and a human.

About Ken

I’m a late-in-life writer. I just never got the inclination to write until my son was taken to prison and wham, I started writing. First only letters to him, but then the inspiration spilled over into other topics. So now I’m a writer of personal essays and opinion pieces. And I’m starting to share my work with the world.

Over almost three years, I wrote letters to my son in prison. It changed my life in the most unexpected way, and his too. I hope one day they will find a home in a book I’m working on called, “Letters to my Son in Prison, Dear Lucas”.

And yes, I’ve been published. I co-authored a business book: “Beyond the 401(k)”. It’s actually sold thousands of copies and people have reported that they read it and even liked it. This is my day job: designing pension plans for companies. Check it out at

I have been married for almost forty years, have three sons and a dog named Mumford. Yes, the coolest dog-name ever, and you guessed it, he has his own Instagram account.


What do you list on your site when you’re just starting out? Nothing? Sure, I could do that. Or works in progress, which at least give you a feel for my writing. I choose the latter, so here you go.

Letters to my Son in Prison, Dear Lucas

Worlds apart, we had only letters. They became our salvation.

A ward of the state following ten years of drug-induced estrangement, I only had letters with which to reach my son. I had nothing to lose so I spoke my mind, got real and opened up on the page. I did. I probably overshared and was more transparent than I should have been, but I was in pain also. I was the failed parent of the prisoner. I, too, had lost my way. So I wrote letters and we found our way from disaffection to affection, through letters to each other.

What I Wish I’d Said

If I had known they’d be my last words to my father, I would have said so much more.

I had a chance. I had a moment with my dad mere hours before he died, when he grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to look at him. He spoke his mind and I had a chance to speak mine. I so wish I’d said more.


“Working with Ken Guidroz is a joy. His writing is courageous and clear. His story is terrific. Read and learn from him how to write from a place of pain and wonder.”

Marion Roach Smith, author and writing coach.


“Ken Guidroz is raw and vulnerable. His writing addresses the issues we all struggle with. After reading his essays, I feel less alone in the world.”

Allison Langer, author and co-founder, Writing Class Radio.


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